Estrella Cervantes has already come true

The proposal of the Spanish Astronomy Society and the Planetarium of Pamplona has won in the international contest NameExoWorlds organized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), which means that, as of now, Cervantes will name the distant star μ Arae, and Quixote, Rocinante, Sancho Y Dulcinea It will be your four planets.

The proposal 'Estrella Cervantes' competed with six other countries (Portugal, Italy, Colombia and Japan) to call the planetary system μ Arae, located 49.8 light years away in the constellation Ara (the altar).

As stated Javier Amentia, director of the Pamplona Planetarium:

This initiative has made sense of the work of those who work for the scientific culture: it unites in a single proposal different aspects of science and letters, and it has deluded us both to those who dedicate ourselves professionally to astronomy and to all those People who enjoy looking at the sky.

In total, with the NameExoWorlds of the IAU they have been baptized with new names to 14 stars and 31 planets belonging to 19 distant ex-worlds. In addition, there is another Spanish winner: the planet around the star Edasich, named so far as iota Draconis b, will also be called Hypatia.

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