This tunnel will allow trains to travel through the desert

Imagine the aridity of a desert and, because of it, how a train crosses the stage at high speed. The secret for this to come true seems to lie in a tunnel made of plastic materials recently patented by Spanish inventor Antonio Ibáñez de Alba, as you can see in the video. The materials used in the construction would be transparent, which would prevent the traveler from having the feeling of traveling under a tunnel to use. Another added quality of these materials is that they are flame retardant, which prevents them from burning and, in addition, their upper part is designed to avoid the negative effect that solar radiation can have.

Ibáñez said that in the desert areas the wind is able to move the sand with great ease, which causes the tracks to be completely covered preventing the movement of trains. Suspended sand particles are also a problem when they impact on trains running at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Video: A Train Lost in a Tunnel in Italy, No One Can Find It (February 2020).