This woman has been living with a Pepper robot for two years

Pepper It is the first mass-produced robot capable of reading emotions and acting according to them. It is an android designed for personal use and that promises to revolutionize the use we give to robots. Pepper He has a body language that mimics that of humans and, as he converses with you, he learns to meet you and offer a personalized company, all from his body 1.2 meters tall.

As you can see in the video that heads this post, Tomomi Ota She is a user who has been living with Pepper for two years. At 30, this Japanese woman is the owner of one of Pepper's 200 inaugural copies. Some of the activities they do together are going for walks, watching baseball games and even praying in the temple under the eyes of surprise from other people.

Video: Pepper Humanoid Robot that reads your emotions (February 2020).