Are there people who have implanted headphones in the ear?

Advances in bionics are increasingly spectacular. If we add to this that there are people who love being able to listen to music in all kinds of situations, the first earpiece was already implanted in the ear.

In this way, not only the user can listen to music, but also receive phone calls.


In 2013, Rich lee, from the United States, these headphones were implanted in his drink (part of the outer ear) that allowed him to hear sounds thanks to an electromagnetic coil placed around his neck.

Although the sound quality that comes through the implants is not the same as with some headphones in use, Lee considers that this type of implants it can have many advantages in the future.

Rich lee, who describes himself as a businessman who promotes technological piracy and biohacking, plans to modify his implants so that they also provide echolocation functions similar to those of a bat. And it is that he lost his vision spontaneously in his right eye a few years before his implant and could soon be considered legally blind.

Over the years, Lee has biohacked his body more times with new implants: two magnetic implants on his fingers; an NFC chip in your hand; the two ear implants; and a biotherm chip in your forearm that allows you to read your body temperature with a separate scanner.

The next project he is working on is a pubic implant known as Lovetron9000. The implant would go over a man's penis and produce a vibrating sensation that should be pleasant for women during sex.

Lee says the implant will be done first to test it. You will use a body modification artist to perform the surgery, since using a regular doctor would require the device to be approved by the FDA, a step you are not interested in taking due to the complicated process involved. In addition, in the biohacking community, self-modification or the use of a body modification artist to perform minor surgeries is something worthy of pride.

Video: Man implants 'invisible headphones' in ears (February 2020).