To consider someone as a friend you must spend at least 90 hours with him

Friendship is an unclear term, full of pores and nuances, but lscience also wants to differentiate a simple acquaintance from a friend. Therefore, a new study wanted to determine the number of hours needed to reach each level of friendship, from occasional partners to have a drink to friends with whom we are strongly linked emotionally.

90 hours

The study, published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, points out that normally it takes approximately 50 hours of time to go from being known to being "occasional friends" (drinking partners or friends of friends who see at parties); around 90 hours to become a faithful "friend" (both make time to devote themselves to each other); Y more than 200 hours to form a BFF type link (you feel an emotional connection with this friend).

When you talk about relationship hours you talk about waking hours and where you are not working together, but doing activities in which free time is shared, such as watching TV, drinking coffee, playing a board game, going for a walk, etc. Co-workers can still be friends, of course, but it is necessary to spend time together outside the workplace for this to happen.

Thus, the most important factor in establishing friendship seems to be the investment of personal time, he explains. Jeffrey Hall, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and lead author of the study. And if you have doubts about the bond of friendship you have with someone, this test made by Hall himself will help you refine a little more.
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