This is the closest image of the Sun that you will be able to see

The ship Parker Solar Probe NASA has sent the image of solar activity taken closer to our star to Earth by a space mission.

This photo of the instrument WISPR (wide-field imager for the solar probe) from Parker Solar Probe is the closest ever made.

Coronal serpentine

Parker Solar Probe was approximately 27.1 million kilometers from the surface of the Sun when this image was taken.

The picture shows a coronal serpentine, seen on the eastern tip of the Sun on November 8, 2018. Coronal streamers are structures of solar material within the Sun's atmosphere, the crown, which usually cover regions of greater solar activity. The bright object near the center of the image is Mercury, and the dark dots are the result of background correction.

The spacecraft that grazes the sun has already broken the records of the fastest space probe. It was launched on August 12 and will make 24 passes close to the sun over the next seven years, reaching approximately 6 million kilometers of the sun's surface. The spacecraft made its first close flight on November 6, descending to approximately 24 million kilometers from the solar surface. That is approximately dsometimes closer to the sun than the previous closest spacecraft, the Helios spacecraft in the 1970s. At its peak speed, Parker was running at about 375,000 kilometers per hour, roughly twice the speed of Helios.