Watching television with another person is good to strengthen your relationship

Millions of people sat in front of a screen the other day to see the first chapter of the last season of Game of Thrones. Couples from all over the planet snuggle up on a couch to spend Saturday night watching Netflix or HBO.

These practices, in company, strengthen relationships, according to a study.

Fiction and couple

The researchers studied 259 students who had had relationships for 16.7 months on average, and controlled the time the couples spent together to ensure that, in fact, the media, and not the general time they spent together, produced the feelings of rapprochement.

Couples who had common friends or had fewer common friends but shared media consumption, reported the greatest satisfaction.

In a different study, couples who shared more friends reported greater satisfaction, commitment, intimacy and optimism about the future of their relationship than couples who shared fewer friends, so if two people somehow feel they lack social connections common, things look worse for them.

Fortunately, humans are extremely resourceful. When we are deprived of our psychological needs, we find creative ways to meet them. We look at photos when we miss someone. We get with pets. We read books, which psychologically integrate the reader into the community described in the narrative ...

Other research carried out in 2013 on the prevention of marital problems suggests that when couples watched and discussed films related to the world of marital relations, This was just as effective as professional counseling interventions..

It has also been shown that between couples greater degree of closeness is established if you spend together experiences of drama, romance or adventure through a movie or TV series. So now we have another reason not to feel guilty when we are nesting.

Video: 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships. Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings. TEDxSquareMile (February 2020).